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In a complex interconnected world – interoperability is everything, or, “systems talking to systems” is everything.  Every minute saved in the Access to Keys workflow – is a dollar saved by your organisation. Today we will look at the KeyWatcher’s cloud-based integrations that allow organisations to seamlessly integrate Access Control, Contractor Management Systems and Fleet Systems.

Keymaas cloud-based software has been developed as a secure web-based platform that using its open API allows for the KeyWatcher key cabinet to integrate securely into over 40 third-party systems.  Utilising a secure Telstra IPSEC VPN SIM and the Amazon Web Server Cloud services, customers can use their Access Control Software, Contractor Management Software or Fleet Management Software – to automatically control Key Access privileges and Key Access management through current enterprise software solutions.

The days of manual key issuance or manual database management are over – reducing cost and manual processing errors.

One of the benefits of a KeyWatcher integration, powered by KeyMaaS is the ability to streamline user onboarding to support multiple integrations to Access Control Systems such as Gallagher Security, Integriti, Lenel and others using either REST API or CSV import. Integration to Access Control allows you to retain your Access Control solution as your single source of truth for the management of users and access rights.

Beyond the operational efficiencies, KeyWatcher integration, through Keymaas plays a pivotal role in bolstering security measures by also providing the option for single sign-on capabilities that would leverage your existing multi-factor authentication mechanisms.

Contractor management also becomes a breeze with the KeyWatcher integration through KeyMaaS. KeyWatcher hardware integrates seamlessly with links to Contractor Management Systems such as Sine, Rapid, Who’s on Location, Beakon, and many others. This integration simplifies the entire process, ensuring that authorised contractors get access to the keys they need promptly, while also enhancing security and accountability. Additionally, integrating with your CMS can prevent contractors from leaving your facility with keys, by requiring the keys to be returned to the cabinet before allowing contractors to sign out of the CMS.

Organisations with extensive vehicle fleets can integrate the KeyWatcher into Fleet Management Systems like Plumfleet, Smartfleet, Ausfleet and more. Fleet management integration to KeyWatcher is a proven way to increase vehicle utilisation. The KeyWatcher results in greater Key Control, which significantly reduces operational inefficiencies – such as “keys being taken home, or not returned”.  Key control in its simplest makes more vehicles available more often – the ROI becomes instant.

In conclusion, the integration capabilities of KeyWatcher through KeyMaaS offer organisations a powerful tool to streamline their key management processes. It goes beyond mere access control, offering a comprehensive solution that saves time, and money, and enhances security. The ability to seamlessly connect with a multitude of third-party systems makes possibilities endless. So, if you’re looking to transform your organisation’s key management, it’s time to explore the incredible benefits of the KeyWatcher with a secure Cloud-based KeyMaaS integration.

Reach out to our team today and embark on a journey toward a more efficient and secure future for your organisation.