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Security, Safety, Compliance, Peace of Mind – for over 25 years KeyWatcher has a PROVEN record of achieving all of these things across 6000+ KeyWatcher installations Australia-wide.

Governments, Airports, Hospitals, Retail, Casinos, Banks, Mines, Data Centres, Transport, Fleet, Local Government, Corrections, Courts, Clubs and many more have all increased the security of their premises by relying on the KeyWatcher.

NOW – let me introduce you to the REAL BENEFIT of the KeyWatcher – ORGANISATION!

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned” – Benjamin Franklin


“A place for everything and everything in its place” – Benjamin Franklin

Managing Keys is just one of the many organizational challenges faced that requires thought, planning, and a dedication to efficiency that repays itself in spades if done right!

The cost to business of lost keys is obvious at a basic level:

· The cost of replacing keys

· The cost to “re-key” a premises

· The cost of theft from stolen keys

· The cost of non-compliance with regulators

The hidden cost to business, that mounts up every day is:

·         lost man hours looking for keys,

·         lost man hours managing access to secure areas,

·         extra hours for contractors on site,

·         extra hours for technicians and IT workers troubleshooting problems,

These costs are real and add up every day.

Businesses are always striving to increase productivity through efficiency gains across business processes.

If organization efficiency is a cultural challenge for your business a great place to start is with Key Management.

Consider the following:

(1)    Colour Coding – the KeyWatcher is driven by a “SmartKey” that has a unique identifier inside, a Dallas Chip.  This is how the KeyWatcher “knows” which key is what.  All Smart keys come in a range of colours.  Similarly, the recommended KeyWatcher accessories include a Temper Proof KeyRing and Coloured Key Hub.

Organising key groups by colour is the first step in getting your keys organised! ie all cleaner keys are on a Red SmartKey with a Red hub.  That way users know instantly which keys are Cleaner keys – for example.  Or should keys be found they can instantly be identified to their correct grouping by way of their colour.

As an added benefit colour coding helps with security – imagine seeing a “cleaner” with a yellow key!! – cleaners should only have red keys.  Something is wrong! ask the question.

If your organisation manages multiple KeyWatchers across the site – colour is a great way to identify which keys need to be returned to which KeyWatcher.

(2)    Serialised key rings – all KeyWatcher software allows for individual serialisation of keys.   This allows for a detailed traceable record of individual key usage.

We have a range of secure key rings that are stamped with unique serial numbers which are integral to accurate tracing of key movements.

The more accurate the information that is collected on key usage the more helpful the data is that can be collected and the more accurate key use reporting becomes.  This is particularly helpful in managing staff and contractor levels.

(3)    Appropriate Key bundling and Key attaching

One of the first steps that should be undertaken is to organise keys into logical key profiles.

A bundle of keys should be securely fastened to the “SmartKey”.  Where possible we avoid attaching keys directly to the SmartKey.

For cost reasons, we always recommend attaching keys to key rings, which in turn are attached to the KeyWatcher SmartKey.

Plan, Prepare, Take Care, Follow the process & BE ORGANISED

Talk to one of our PROVEN KeyWatcher and Key Management experts today to see how managing keys with all the available tools can be a first step to efficiency gains across your organisation. Contact us now.