Key Management Software Australia & New Zealand

Monitor and track your keys in real-time, from anywhere, with KeyMaaS , KeyWatcher’s key management software built for the Australian market.

KeyMaaS is a secure, cloud-based, key control software that integrates seamlessly with your current IT infrastructure and allows you to effortlessly automate the security and management of keys.

KeyWatcher Australia offers two key management software solutions:

  • Our cloud based KeyMaaS software.
  • Our self-installed True Touch software.

How KeyMaaS Works

Key Management Software / Security Access Control / Electronic Key Cabinet / Key Management System / KeyWatcher Australia

The KeyMaaS software has been uniquely developed in Australia specifically for KeyWatcher. KeyMaaS connects KeyWatcher electronic key cabinets to the cloud via secure Telstra IPSEC sim and modem. Connecting the KeyWatcher to the cloud provides the following key benefits:

Real Time

Central to the KeyWatcher product is our service, support, and expertise. Hosted software means you get a service, support and monitoring in real-time.

3rd Party

KeyMaaS supports 40+ 3rd party integrations to access control, contractor, and fleet management systems.


KeyMaaS allows you to benefit from escalations, alerts, reporting options, and increased key profiling options.

Data Security

All data is securely stored in Australia on a (Amazon web services) platform and managed by data security experts.

Key Features

Key Management Software / Security Access Control / Electronic Key Cabinet / Key Management System / KeyWatcher Australia


KeyMaaS key management software offers a web-based solution to manage your KeyWatcher hardware and may be accessed via a mobile device allowing you to administer access and retrieve alerts whilst on the move.


The KeyMaaS / KeyWatcher software solution is designed to provide you with a cost-effective solution without the infrastructure or support required to introduce a system like the KeyWatcher product into your environment. The hosted solution simply requires a double GPO for the system to operate.


The workstation and mobile-friendly dashboard provide a quick glimpse on the status of each KeyWatcher and an overview on recent events, i.e.: key removals and key returns or attempted removals or alarms. Shortcuts also allow for quick navigation to key sections of the program.

General Web Form

Access to keys from the KeyWatcher may be assigned to end users through the secure online web portal, through private or public published web forms.

Online Booking Form

Online booking reservations for specific keys at a specific time/date are available using a public or private web form. Ideal for managing access to a fleet of vehicles or ensuring a specific set of keys is available at a specific time.

Dual Platform Capabilities

No need to upgrade the KeyWatcher Illuminated hardware to the touch screen version to get the benefits of the touch screen version system. KeyMaaS manages both versions of the hardware and with the same database.


Al audit trail information is made available through standard type reports as .CSV or PDF files, which may also be scheduled and distributed via email based upon role and responsibility.

Monitoring & Escalation

The KeyMaaS platform monitors the health of each KeyWatcher and provides a user-friendly dashboard on the status of each system, along with alerts of system failures and alerts via email and / or SMS which can be escalated based upon role and responsibility.

Software Deployment Models

Whilst the KeyWatcher hardware provides the end user with access to certain keys and maintains a record of the movement of these keys, the solution is managed using software. There are three commercial models for how the software may be deployed:

Hosted Solution

KeyWatcher Australia may host the entire solution where you are provided with access to a secure online web portal. The KeyWatcher is equipped with a wireless 4G modem and communicates to a secure AWS using a VPN service.

Hybrid Version

Resides within your environment and requires outbound-only access to the KeyMaaS proxy server and provides you with all the key benefits and functionality of the hosted solution.

On-Premises Model

All the functionality of the cloud-hosted solution without requiring any exposure to external network.

3rd Party Integration

Integrated Key Management / Security Access Control / Electronic Key Cabinet / Key Management System / KeyWatcher Australia

KeyWatcher’s key control solution enables you to implement connectivity across systems on any level you choose, such as integrating KeyMaaS with your access control system or Contractor Management kiosk.


What does key management software allow an organisation to do?

Key management software enables an organisation to manage electronic key cabinets, control distribution, tracking and monitoring of keys or other assets within an organisation.

How does key management software work?

Key management software connects the hardware, such as a KeyWatcher Key Cabinet, to the cloud via a secure VPN connection.

Are there other names for key management software?

Key management software can also be known as key control software, key tracking software and door key management software.