Service & Maintenance Agreement

Why service your KeyWatcher regularly?


A well maintained KeyWatcher will stand the test of time. Our experience shows that frequent cleaning and servicing of the KeyWatcher should allow the unit to last 10 -12 years.
WA R R A N T Y E X T E N S I O N : take out an SMA with a new KeyWatcher sale and benefit from an automatic extension of the 24 month factory warranty to 36 months.


A standard service under an SMA includes trained and trusted KeyWatcher technicians reviewing all functional elements of the KeyWatcher. Including batteries, power supply, internal boards, database and integrations.


All servicing under an SMA will include Firmware and Software upgrades, resulting in the latest functionality available.


Acknowledging your commitment to keeping your KeyWatcher in great shape, you‘ll enjoy an additional 20% discount on all parts and accessories.

SMA inclusions:

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Extended Warranty

KMaaS key management software offers a web-based solution to manage your KeyWatcher hardware and may be accessed via a mobile device allowing you to administer access and retrieve alerts whilst on the move.

slots cleaned.

All contact surfaces within slots cleaned.

SmartKeys inspected & cleaned.

All available SmartKeys inspected & cleaned.

cabinet assessed & cleaned

The cabinet is assessed & cleaned (internally & externally)

tested components

  • All electrical/mechanical components are tested and calibrated to ensure


All backup batteries are tested.

database REVIEWED

Database reviewed and recommendations identified for best practice.

updated firmware

  • All relevant KeyWatcher firmware and/or software are updated to the latest

reviewed KEY REPORTS

  • Key reports are reviewed to ensure the KeyWatcher is working as it should and that the audit trail is up to date.


  • Depending on the software platform, support and additional operator training can be provided.


  • An additional 20% discount off RRP for all supplementary parts & accessories. Excluding batteries.

Discounted call out fees.

  • Discounted call out fees. Customers on a Service & Maintenance Agreement enjoy a discounted call out fee of $395 (standard rate: $495)

Regular maintenance and servicing of KeyWatcher units are essential for optimising their return on investment and extending their lifespan. Experience has shown that with frequent cleaning and servicing, a KeyWatcher can efficiently operate for 10 to 12 years. An integral component of ensuring this longevity is entering into a Service & Maintenance Agreement (SMA), which provides numerous benefits to our key cabinet customers.

One of the significant advantages of purchasing an SMA with a new KeyWatcher is the warranty extension. The standard 24-month factory warranty is automatically extended to 36 months, offering an additional layer of security and peace of mind to the customers. This extension is a testament to the confidence in the durability and reliability of the KeyWatcher system when properly maintained.

The SMA also includes a comprehensive system health check conducted by trained and trusted KeyWatcher technicians. This service involves a thorough review of all functional elements of the KeyWatcher, including the batteries, power supply, internal boards, database, and integrations. Such meticulous inspection ensures that every component of the KeyWatcher is in optimal condition, thereby reducing the risk of unexpected failures.

Moreover, all servicing under an SMA comes with the latest firmware and software upgrades. These updates are crucial for maintaining the KeyWatcher’s efficiency and ensuring that users have access to the latest functionality. This proactive approach to system maintenance guarantees that the KeyWatcher remains a cutting-edge solution for key management.

Acknowledging the commitment of KeyWatcher owners to maintain their units in excellent condition, an SMA also offers an additional 20% discount on all parts and accessories, excluding batteries. This discount facilitates cost-effective maintenance and encourages owners to invest in the longevity of their KeyWatcher systems.


The SMA encompasses several other inclusions aimed at ensuring the KeyWatcher’s optimal performance. These include the cleaning of all contact surfaces and SmartKeys, assessment and cleaning of the cabinet, and testing and calibration of all electrical and mechanical components. Such detailed maintenance ensures the accuracy of the audit trail and the system’s overall reliability. Additionally, the SMA covers the testing of backup batteries, a review of the database for best practice recommendations, and the updating of firmware and software to the latest versions. Key reports are also reviewed to verify the system’s functionality and the accuracy of the audit trail.

Depending on the software platform, the SMA may provide support and additional operator training, enhancing the users’ ability to efficiently manage their KeyWatcher system. Furthermore, SMA customers enjoy discounted call-out fees, reducing the standard rate significantly, which underscores the value of being under an SMA.

In summary, a Service & Maintenance Agreement for KeyWatcher units is not just an investment in extending the life of the system but also ensures it operates at peak efficiency with the latest features and security measures. Through comprehensive checks, updates, and dedicated support, the SMA guarantees that KeyWatcher remains a reliable and state-of-the-art solution for key management.