KeyWatcher Accessories Catalogue

Morse Watchmans SmartKeys

SmartKeys are part of what make our industry-leading key control systems possible. Equipped with an ID microchip and a 1/8″ stainless steel locking ring, SmartKeys attach to one or more keys and provide robust security and data about their usage.

When a Smartkey is inserted into a key slot in one of our key control cabinets, the ID microchip data is logged and the key set is marked as returned. When keys are removed, the SmartKey microchip data is retrieved and associated with the user removing the keys. In KeyWatcher systems, SmartKeys are locked in place until an authorised user is granted access, guaranteeing an even higher level of key security.

Available in a variety of colours for easy identification and organisation when using multiple key control systems in different facilities.

Morse Watchman Tamper Proof KeyRings & Hubs

Providing you with a key ring option that incorporates ease-of-use, a tamper-proof locking mechanism and unique identification system while allowing you the flexibility to add or remove keys without destroying the more expensive ring.

With other tamper proof key rings, you would have to cut through the stainless steel and replace the entire ring. Morse Watchmans’ Replaceable Hub Technology allows you to re-use the tamper proof key ring and replace the hub at a fraction of the cost. Simple to use and easy to re-use, yet adds security and value. Each security key ring hub is stamped with a unique serial number to help detect and prevent tampering.


Crafted from high-strength, flexible, and corrosion-resistant aircraft cable, twisties are built to withstand the test of time and maintain their integrity even in challenging environments. What truly sets them apart is the patented locking mechanism, a unique feature that guarantees your keys stay firmly in place. Twisties can be expertly crimped for a secure, permanent closure, ensuring the reliability of your key management.

Serialised Padlock Seals

A cost-effective alternative, for single use attachment to keys without compromising quality. Featuring specially engineered chromed steel hasps, it’s your ultimate defence against tampering.

Brass Discs

Keep keys in order with our durable Brass Identification Discs. Made to order in any number sequence, 25mm in Diameter, with black infill for clear identification, Including a 5.0mm hole allowing for easy attachment.

Rigid Card Holders

Rigid card holders offer a secure and versatile solution for safeguarding important cards. Their spacious interior can accommodate multiple cards, making them ideal for various applications. Crafted from durable polycarbonate, these holders are built to withstand the rigours of daily use. Sold in convenient packs of 10, each set comes with an unlocking key, ensuring easy access when needed. Dimensions: W58mm x H100mm.

KR Sealed Stainless Steel Key Rings

KR Sealed Flexi stainless steel key rings Crafted with strict tolerances, these high-security stainless steel rings are engineered for durability. The patented design ensures that once sealed, they cannot be opened without detection, providing an impenetrable layer of protection for your most valuable assets. Available in various sizes, both solid and flexible styles, providing a versatile security device ideal for safeguarding your keys. Each key ring boasts a unique permanent serial number, engraved before distribution, ensuring quick detection in case of tampering or substitution. To enhance organisation, colour-coded plastic tags are available, with five distinct colours to streamline identification.

Key-Bak Key Reel

This Heavy Duty Retractable Keychain was built for rugged use and is made to last. The durable black polycarbonate case is impact resistant, and the retractable cord is guaranteed to outlast any other retractable key holders on the market. Attach your keys to the oversized split ring. When you need your keys just pull them out, when you’re done let them go and the built-in tether retracts back into place, secure the ball-joint lock until you need them Again.

SmartKey Vice

A 6-in-1 tool to split, secure, and seal SmartKeys and KeyRing Hubs The SmartKey Vice is a versatile tool that provides a range of functionalities, allowing you to perform various Smartkey and KeyRing related tasks with ease. Whether you need to seal, secure, cut, remove, or add components to your Smartkeys and KeyRings, this device delivers exceptional performance. Designed with non-skid rubber pads for standard use and built-in mounting holes to optionally secure to surfaces, the SmartKey Vice ensures stability and safety during key management tasks.



Here are some best practice guidelines to consider when using

KeyWatcher accessory products:

Keyset/Card Attachment:

It is strongly recommended that all Keysets and Cards be securely fastened to keyrings or card holders. Avoid attaching them directly to the Smartkey inserted into the cabinet.

Utilise Serialized Morse Keyring Hubs and Padlock Seals:

Serialized Morse Keyring hubs and padlock seals should be utilised for key auditing purposes. This ensures a clear and traceable record of key usage. All KeyWatcher software solutions are equipped to log keys attached to key rings, offering valuable reporting advantages.

Distinguish Multiple Onsite KeyWatchers:

In situations where multiple KeyWatchers are in use on the premises, it is advisable to employ different Smartkey colours and hubs for each system. This differentiation helps users return keys to the correct KeyWatcher, minimising confusion.

Enhance Security with Non-Random Key Return:

For high-security sites, consider implementing a non-random key return function. Complement this with Brass discs, slot numbers, and clear doors. This configuration enhances visibility for roving patrols, allowing them to easily inspect the system and verify the presence of all keys when they are not in use.

By following these best practice guidelines, you can optimise the efficiency, security, and organisation of your KeyWatcher system.

KeyWatcher Australia’s accessories catalogue presents a comprehensive range of products designed to enhance the security, management, and organisation of keys and access cards within their industry-leading key cabinet systems. At the core of these systems are SmartKeys, which are equipped with an ID microchip and a 1/8″ stainless steel locking ring. These SmartKeys offer robust security by logging data about their usage when inserted into or removed from key control cabinets, ensuring only authorised users have access to secured keys.

A notable innovation from Morse Watchmans is their Tamper-Proof KeyRings & Hubs, which combine ease-of-use with a high level of security. Unlike traditional tamper-proof key rings that require replacement after being cut, Morse Watchmans’ key rings feature Replaceable Hub Technology. This allows for the hubs to be replaced at a fraction of the cost, maintaining security without unnecessary expense. Each hub is also uniquely serialised, aiding in the detection and prevention of tampering.

Twisties, another product offering, are crafted from high-strength, flexible, and corrosion-resistant aircraft cable. Their patented locking mechanism ensures keys remain securely attached, making them an ideal solution for key management in challenging environments. Serialised padlock seals provide a cost-effective alternative for securing keys, featuring chromed steel hasps for single-use applications that do not compromise on quality.

For organisational purposes, Brass Identification Discs are available. These discs can be ordered in any number sequence and are designed for easy attachment, enhancing key organisation with their durable design and clear identification features. Rigid card holders, made from durable polycarbonate, offer a secure and versatile solution for safeguarding important access cards. Sold in packs of 10, these holders accommodate multiple cards and come with an unlocking key for easy access.


Further enhancing the security of key management are the KR Sealed Stainless Steel Key Rings & Flexi Rings. These high-security rings are engineered for durability and designed to prevent undetected opening, with each ring featuring a unique permanent serial number for easy identification and tamper detection. To aid in the organisation, colour-coded plastic tags are available in five distinct colours.

The Key-Bak Key Reel is built for rugged use, featuring a durable black polycarbonate case and a retractable cord that outlasts other key holders on the market. It ensures keys are always secure and easily accessible. Additionally, the SmartKey Vice offers a versatile 6-in-1 tool functionality for managing SmartKeys and KeyRing Hubs, designed for stability and safety within your key management system.

KeyWatcher Australia’s also provides best practice guidelines for utilising their KeyWatcher accessory products. These guidelines recommend securely fastening all keysets and cards to keyrings or card holders, utilising serialised Morse Keyring Hubs and Padlock Seals for auditing purposes, distinguishing multiple KeyWatchers onsite with different Smartkey colours and hubs, and enhancing security with strategies like non-random key return.

The catalogue concludes with indicative freight prices for various regions within Australia, highlighting KeyWatcher Australia’s commitment to efficient and reliable delivery through TNT’s overnight express or road express service, depending on the size of the delivery. This comprehensive approach to key management and security underscores KeyWatcher Australia’s dedication to innovation, security, and customer satisfaction.