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Across Australia’s vast expanse, safeguarding our valuables has evolved with technology. The demand for sophisticated yet user-friendly security solutions has grown. KeyWatcher cabinets enhance key control and storage with cutting-edge technology and our KeyMaaS software.

Beyond merely storing keys, our system empowers you to accurately track users and every key movement. With diverse identity access options, you’re not just managing keys, you’re creating a transparent, traceable security protocol.

Our commitment to longevity and resilience is evident in our hardware. Crafted with robust materials, our quality key cabinets stand as the market’s most durable choice.

Why Choose KeyWatcher?

KeyWatcher leads the way in delivering innovative electronic key cabinets in Australia. Simply put, Keywatcher represents reliability. We provide the perfect blend of innovative design and superior protection.

Our commitment to delivering best-in-class electronic key-safe solutions makes us the first choice for countless consumers. We design our cabinets to be modular and flexible. You can choose the component for the key storage cabinets that align with your needs, be it card slots, lockers, or key modules.

As your business evolves, so can your cabinet, you can modify or expand modules based on requirements. This means our cabinets don’t just fit in today but are ready to adapt for tomorrow.

KeyWatcher Illuminated

LCD and Keypad

KeyWatcher Touch

7″ Touchscreen

Key Cabinets with Configurable Modular Options

Our key cabinets are modular and scalable, so you decide which storage components you need, including card slots, lockers and key modules. You can also change or add modules where, and when you need, which means our cabinets can grow as your business does.

8 Key Locations

Dimensions: 340mm x 420mm x 190mm

Weight: approx. 10kg

Up to 16 Key Locations

Dimensions: 490mm x 520mm x 370mm

Weight: approx. 16kg

Up to 32 Key Locations

Dimensions: 690mm x 520mm x 370mm

Weight: approx. 22kg

Up to 48 Key Locations

Dimensions: 890mm x 520mm x 370mm

Weight: approx. 25kg

Up to 96 Key Locations

Dimensions: 890mm x 700mm x 370mm

Weight: approx. 25kg

Multiple Cabinets

Dimensions: 890mm x 700mm x 370mm

Weight: approx. 25kg

Want to build your ideal KeyWatcher cabinet? Our online configurator allows you to choose your system or cabinet type, and the modules you want. This can then be printed off, emailed, or sent to our team of experts, who will reach out to discuss the best solution to suit your needs.

Advantages of Electronic Key Cabinets

Security at Its Best

Traditional key boxes, though functional, don’t offer the technological advancements that key cabinets with electronic locks do. These cabinets provide a higher level of security, deterring any unauthorised access.

Ease of Use

Modern problems require modern solutions. Our key cabinet with digital lock provides quick, secure access with user-friendly interfaces.

Efficient Management

Say goodbye to misplaced keys or unauthorised key duplicates. With electronic key safes, you can easily monitor and manage key access.

Space Efficiency

Our meticulously designed cabinets not only elevate the professional ambience of your premises but also ensure optimal space utilisation.

Our system combines sturdy hardware and intelligent software for top-notch, user-friendly key management solutions.

Our Advanced Key Security Solutions

Electronic Key Cabinet Installation

Your security is our priority, and it begins with a professionally installed key cabinet. Our team handles the installation, ensuring immediate security and peace of mind.

Key Cabinet with Digital Lock

Our digital lock key cabinet ensures that only authorised users get access. The digital interface is user-friendly, making it easy for everyone to use.

Advanced Key Management System

Keywatcher’s system, boosted by our key management software, simplifies tracking and controlling key access. This system enables real-time monitoring, ensuring that your keys are always in safe hands.

Enhanced Access Control

Our cabinets provide more than mere key storage, they offer intelligent storage solutions. Enhanced access control allows you to specify who can access certain keys, ensuring a high level of security.

Contact Us for High-Quality Electronic Key Cabinets

For optimal key security, it is crucial to choose only the finest solution. At Keywatcher, we understand your needs and strive to exceed your expectations. Call us today on to upgrade your key security.

KeyWatcher is the Ideal Key Cabinet for:


Corrective Services


Data Centers

Universities & TAFE

Retail & Industrial Facilities Management


Government & Military



Tolls & Logistics

Utilities (Electricity, Phone & Water)

Want to see how our expandable, electronic key control system can provide the best key management solution for your business or organisation?