Easy to Integrate Key Management Solutions

The KeyMaaS (Key Management as a Service) solution has been purposefully built for the Australian market, allowing interoperability with a vast range of access control, contractor management and fleet management systems.

Integrated Key Management / Security Access Control / Electronic Key Cabinet / Key Management System / KeyWatcher Australia

Seamless integration with more than 40, third party systems, helps you secure your access to key assets.

Our Australian-based software team are always looking to integrate with new platforms, so reach out to our team to discuss integration options for your business or organisation.

Features and Benefits

3rd Party integration saves you time and money by eliminating the need to have a fixed administrator perform daily database management.

With this seamless integration using the KeyMaaS solution, an online form may be distributed to employees and/or contracting firms that require access to keys from a KeyWatcher. Once the request is approved, the automated process begins:

Integrated Key Management / Security Access Control / Electronic Key Cabinet / Key Management System / KeyWatcher Australia

Automate user onboarding with multiple supported integrations to multiple access control systems, Azure Active Directory, Active Directory and csv importing.

Streamline contractor access with integrations to common contractor management systems such as Sine, Rapid, Who’s on Location, beakon and others.

Simplify vehicle management with integrations to Fleet management systems such as Plumfleet, smartfleet, Ausfleet and others.

How it Works

3rd Party integrations from the KeyWatcher with our key management software KeyMaaS, allows you to implement connectivity across your environment. For example, Integration through Access Control Software operates as a conduit for the streamlined management of key assets and access control. This consolidation of functionalities within a single platform is not just a matter of convenience. By fusing key management and access control into one ecosystem, organisations can optimise operations, reduce redundancies, and bolster their overall security strategy.

Integration Partners

Access Control
Contractor Management
Fleet Management

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