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Living in the new normal, we have all seen an increase in remote and hybrid working arrangements since the pandemic. How has this impacted your access management? With workforces and contractors requiring site access at all times of day and night, organisations are having to get smarter about their access management and key security systems or risk more workplace health and safety incidents and costs.

A world class key management system with secure durable cabinets, combined with a cloud-based management software that integrates with your contractor management system, has never been more important.

Implementing a robust key cabinet solution backed by real time cloud based key management and access control software will mitigate your risks and improve workplace health and safety by helping your organisation:

  • Keep your staff safe and access to their workplace more secure.
  • Reduce workplace incidents of unauthorised staff accessing hazardous areas.
  • Comply with government regulations.
  • Prevent asset loss.
  • Reduce your staffing resources by replacing permanent onsite staff to allocate keys to contractors.
  • Allow key allocation, tracking and reporting to be done remotely and in real time.
  • Prevention of key loss, and expense in replacing lost keys (some master keys can be worth thousands).
  • Enhanced accountability for staff accessing keys and/or assets.
  • Minimise human error in key allocation and tracking.
  • Provide an audit trail of who has had access to what set of keys and when.
  • Provide evidence and reports for any required investigations/audits.

Here are some tips from KeyWatcher on how to better manage your access management and key security to reduce risk and improve workplace health and safety.

  • Reduce chance of human error. Have your key management system integrated with your contractor management systems to ensure only contractors that have met all WH&S requirements are given access to keys to commence works on site.
  • Reduce the risk of access to hazardous areas to unauthorised personnel by verifying your contractors in real time through your key management solution software.
  • Implement real time monitoring so you can track who has access to any controlled areas within your environment instantly and be able to report for investigation purposes.
  • Utilise cabinet locker modules to secure controlled assets, eg. Firearms, satellite phones etc
  • Ensure secure detection of any vandalism attempts by way of alarms & escalations. Integrate your key cabinet with your access control system so an escalation can also be triggered through this system and a Duress alarm can generate an alert to the security office, off-site security depot etc.
  • Ensure high risk assets require dual authentication before access to this asset is granted. (eg. Requires user to have authority to access this asset and then approval from 1 or 2 other staff members/managers before asset is released).

Proven to help meet WH & S requirements, KeyWatcher key management solutions seamlessly integrate with most contractor management systems to ensure all contractors meet WH & S requirements before being allowed access to the keys they require to commence works.

Make sure you can track and monitor any keys that are checked out to ensure they are returned and avoid unauthorised access.  KeyWatcher Key Management Solutions allow you to provide access, track and monitor return of your keys remotely in real time. Contact the KeyWatcher team today to find out how you can reduce risk & improve Workplace Health & Safety through access management & key security.