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Key management systems are generally installed to improve safety, security and accountability within a building or organisation. But these products also have a huge impact on a business’ ongoing daily efficiencies, by ensuring smooth, fast access to keys when and where they’re needed, which is why durable key cabinet hardware is essential. However, despite its importance, the role that an electronic key cabinet plays in keeping things moving throughout the workday and beyond is often taken for granted … until something goes wrong.

Key cabinet failure can have disastrous consequences. If keys can’t be accessed, this in turn prevents staff and contractors from accessing rooms, vehicles, machinery or equipment, and workflows simply grind to a halt until this can be resolved. In some circumstances, interruptions caused by key cabinet failure may even result in lost revenue – along with the added expense and hassle of organising repair and replacement.

KeyWatcher – the toughest in market

Whether you’re seeking a key management solution to manage security in a commercial/office environment; to protect vehicles or other assets; or in a high-risk setting such as corrective services, the only way to guarantee ongoing reliability is to invest in a quality product that’s built tough to withstand not just the rigours of daily use, but also:

  • careless or rough handling
  • vandalism and tampering
  • electrical incidents such as lightning strikes, power surges and blackouts.

A sufficiently robust unit may have a higher initial purchase price, but its overall dependability and extended life span will ultimately result in a much lower cost-per-use, delivering significant savings over the long term.

KeyWatcher Illuminated key cabinets, for example, are built to provide an easy 15 years of reliable service and will require minimal maintenance during this time. In one of the most rigorous environments, an Australian prison, a 15-year-old KeyWatcher, which hadn’t been serviced for over five years, recorded over 1 million events without a glitch.

Durability also equals flexibility: a strong, robust key cabinet can be safely positioned exactly where it’s required to optimise workflow – even in public-facing environments (where the risk of intentional damage can be significantly higher).

How to Select a durable key cabinet

So how can you be sure that the key cabinet you’re selecting will last the distance?

  1. First of all, look for robust construction, sturdy seals, and tamper-proof design. KeyWatcher cabinets tick each of these boxes. They are engineered for inherent strength and built tough, with a full steel exterior and stainless steel internal modules.
  2. Next, consider the cabinet’s access point. KeyWatcher provides two options to meet customers’ needs and the unique demands of different settings. The KeyWatcher Touch, fitted with a user-friendly touch screen, is fast and easy for staff to interact with, making it a great option in hospitality settings or residential applications.

    KeyWatcher Illuminated is designed to withstand the rigours of more intensive or high-risk settings such as corrective services, where key cabinets are handled roughly and often the target of vandalism. This model features a metal keypad access point, paired with a small LCD screen. The keypad and screen are embedded deeply into the surrounding metal framework to create an extra layer of protection.
  3. Thirdly, consider where your key cabinet has been manufactured. KeyWatcher products are designed and manufactured in the USA by Morse Watchmans, using the highest quality components. Morse Watchmans has been a world leader in key management and has built a reputation for producing the most durable, robust key cabinets in the world for over 30 years.

The added convenience of a durable key cabinet

Offering excellent ROI and ongoing peace of mind, KeyWatcher key cabinets are the ultimate ‘set-and-forget’ option, specifically engineered to keep on working, year after year, with minimal maintenance.

To keep your organisation or building safe, secure, and operating at maximum efficiency, contact KeyWatcher Australia. We can help you identify which key management solution will best suit your needs.