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In a move that underscores their commitment to innovation and cutting-edge security solutions, Gallagher Security has proudly endorsed KeyWatcher Australia as participant in its esteemed Gallagher Technology Partner Program. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in security integration, one that promises to redefine the landscape of access control and electronic key management. 

At the heart of this partnership lies the server-to-server REST integration, an advancement that takes the integrity of data security to a new level. The integration introduces many benefits including quarantining access to data to the Gallagher server and by utilizing Gallagher Security’s Mobile Connect App elevating user experience to new levels with the secure use of mobile credentials. 

Mobile Credentials Revolutionise Access Control 

The integration heralds a monumental shift in access control through the implementation of mobile credentials. This innovation empowers authorised personnel to access KeyWatcher cabinets seamlessly, redefining the boundaries of convenience and security. The use of mobile credentials not only streamlines the entry process but also establishes a robust layer of protection against unauthorised access attempts. 

Elevated Security through Seamless Integration 

Central to the Gallagher Security-KeyWatcher integration is the assurance of high-level data security. Data security is a paramount concern, and this integration quells any apprehensions by ensuring that all data is securely stored on the Gallagher Security server. 

Streamlining Management: From Key to Access 

The integration through Gallagher Security’s Command Centre operates as a conduit for the streamlined management of key assets and access control. This consolidation of functionalities within a single platform is not just a matter of convenience. By fusing key management and access control into one ecosystem, organisations can optimise operations, reduce redundancies, and bolster their overall security strategy. 

The Power of Dedicated Customisable API Token 

At the core of this integration lies a dedicated API token, an embodiment of enhanced control and customisation. This Token confers organisations with the ability to maximise investment by only purchasing what is specifically required. 

A Cohesive Ecosystem Ensuring Data Security 

The interface between Gallagher’s REST API and KeyWatcher’s KeyMaaS software establishes a secure ecosystem. The Gallagher ecosystem becomes the gateway within which data remains secure, allowing for uncompromised security measures without impeding the flow of operations. 

In a world characterised by ever-evolving security challenges, Gallagher Security and KeyWatcher Australia assumes a paramount significance. The REST server-to-server integration is not merely a technical advancement; it’s a testament to the commitment of both companies to reshape the contours of security. This innovation, rooted in mobile credentials, fortified data security, and streamlined management, propels businesses towards a future where security is not just a requisite but an enabler of growth. 

Gallagher Security’s Technology Partner Program has enabled KeyWatcher Australia to pave the way for a new era in electronic key management integration. This integration stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when visionary companies harness technology’s potential. With the fusion of Gallagher Security’s legacy and KeyWatcher’s innovation, the future of security has never looked more promising.